Monday, December 22, 2008

Look Who's 6!

We have been celebrating Kelli's birthday for what seems like 2 months.....from Disneyland to Christmas....we now go to a restaurant and she'll automatically tell the waiter that it is her birthday. She had a little birthday party with some of her school friends on Saturday. It is hard for me to believe our baby is six years old. She is so much fun and has add a lot of energy to the mix. The kids went upstairs to play and found the bean bag.....I went up to check and they had rolled it over the the bunk bed and were all taking turns jumping off into it. To the parents I'll just say that I am sorry...I am probably to blame for that, when I was young I did the same thing, in fact we used to move my best friend Shannon's tramp underneath their balcony and jump off that onto the tramp... oh to be young.
Here are a few other pictures. Brianna had her little Christmas play at school and was a wise man. She is so sassy.....
It hadn't been snowing so when ever Shane thinks about getting the snow machine snows....he revised it this year and it works pretty good. He modified the Lawnmower to shovel snow...I went out to the garage the other day and he was cutting and welding and WaLa... it is never boring with Shane around!

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Alyce Dribnak said...

Ok I wondered the other day if that was a snow making machine in the back yard. First I thought no and then I said to my self, "It's the Dittrichs" it has to be. Good for you, next time you need to pass if from house to house. :)

ps. glad you guys are among the living again.