Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Superhero Brianna

All of the sudden Brianna has a been wanting to play superhero and uses Kolby's blanket for her cape! I am always laughing when she decides to play. She tells me to watch her and clap for her when she comes running....and of course, says I HAVE to laugh ( no she's not demanding...ha ha ha!). So I'll attach a picture and a little video I took of her.....as you will see she is not the most smooth superhero, but she makes up for it by being so cute! No worries, we will always be safe in this house with our SUPERHERO BRIANNA!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4TH of July

For the 4th of July we went over to our good friends the Williamson's. The girls had a great time playing in the pool and having water gun fights with the others. We were able to eat some yummy food and watch some fireworks. Of course I forgot my camera and have no pictures....

The next day we went to my parents for our annual boating fest. I bought some cheap sunblock...won't do that again...we all came back a little crispier, whoops! I remembered the camera this time so I got a few pictures. The girls had lots of fun with aunt Millie and uncle Renn on the jet ski's!


Well we left Denver 8:30pm and drove all night to get back to Idaho. Shane and I were hating ourselves around 2AM but no worries I didn't put in any books to listen to and I was able to drive a lot more. he he he! When we got home everyone was so excited. We thought that we would check on our garden. It was HUGE!! The girls decided to have a pea party and picked all the sugar snap peas and brought out sodas and watermelon so here is a picture of our pea party!

Auntie Millie and Auntie Erin were so excited to have the kids back that they brought them welcome home balloons. I think that Kolby liked them the best. He was making me laugh....he was holding them with both hands and legs. I tried to get a picture.

Trip to Denver

This trip to Denver was our first time driving back with the children, we usually fly except Shane had to tow a boat that his grandfather left him back home; so there began the 16 hour drive with the whole family. On the way out to Denver we stopped in Utah and stayed the night so the girls could play with their cousins. We were up at 4am ready to start the rest of the drive to Denver. Each of the girls had a DVD player so they were able to watch movies when they got bored. I thought that I would be smart and check out some books on CD from the library so Shane and I could listen to them...I am officially fired from that job. I picked the worst books .... They were putting me to sleep, I think the whole way out there I only drove 130 miles...

When we got to Denver Grandpa and Grandma made sure the girls had everything to play with Grandpa saw a teeter-totter at an auction that he wanted to buy, but missed the bidding so of course he just decided to make one. He also made that big bike the kids were playing on. Now we see where Shane gets it....like father like son.

Their cousin Sabrina was able to come and visit at the same time and all the girls had so much fun. They were inseparable and had to all sleep in the same bed. Grandpa was of course so happy to have all the grand kids there. Uncle Bill was there and was so happy Kolby was the baby not to cry when he held him he even got lots of loves by Brianna....which is saying something since she is so stingy with those hugs!

It worked out that we were able to celebrate Aunt Wendy's Birthday. I'll leave out the age....ha ha ha I think that she is like 25??? something like that, right?

Well it was a great trip and we had so much fun....Evie and I even got to go garage selling.... my favorite thing to do in Colorado and of course go for Chinese after.

Happy Birthday Grandma Wilson

Well my Grandma Wilson turned 84 in June. Last year we took her on a murder mystery train ride, she loved that so this year we took her up to the mountains to a dinner theater where we saw Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.. It was so cute and she had such a great time. They took her up on stage and sang to her, made her night. We love you grandma!