Saturday, April 19, 2008


This is Brianna singing her favorite song at 3yrs old. Shane says I must put the words down since we are probably the only ones that can understand her. (No one likes a frowny face, change it to a smile, make the world a better place and smile all the while!)

Monday, April 14, 2008


I took Kelli in on Friday to get her shots so we could register her for Kindergarten. Being the good parent, I told her that we were going to get them and that they might hurt her a little. For some reason she was still excited to go to the Doctor and get her shots. Of course the nurse wants you to join in the fun and help hold your child down. The next thing you hear Kelli say is....OUCH............Ouch .. Ouch.. Ouch!! (That nurse was fast gave her 4 shot!!) Kelli looks up at me crying and said "That really hurt....I didn't think they would I have holes in my legs?" Once they gave her a sticker and sucker...she was fine...although she informed me that she didn't want to get another shot and when she has to go back to the doctor, if she could just stay home!

So I was sick a while back and went to my nose,ears, & throat Dr. he told me it looked like I was allergic to something and that I needed to get an allergy test. I went in today for my allergy test.....for those that haven't had an opportunity to experience the fun, I'll describe it to you. They test for 48 allergens(that number will be important in a minute) she shows me 4 trays with the allergy compounds that will be tested on my back by taking little combs that scrape the skin...I thought that didn't seem to I laid there on my stomach for 20 minutes while the compounds reacted with my skin....if you are allergic they produce small welts on the skin (like a mosquito bite....and yes they itch) I had 15 that I was really allergic to and to make sure I wasn't allergic to the other 33 they do a second test on your arm. She told me she was going to make a pin wheel...sounds nice until she brought out 48 needles! Yes I had 48 shots in one little section on my arm. So I am allergic to 20 of the allergens and they'll make me a special allergy shot. Boy, I wish there was an easier way...and what is really sad before they'll give me the one shot I have to have another 20 shots in the arm to verify the test results...I'm starting to think the over-the-counter Claritin doesn't seem to bad! I came home and showed Kelli how brave mom had to be. She looked at me and almost started crying.....I reassured her I was alright!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Celebration Park!

Well, we have finally had a few nice days. We had some friends that invited us to go to Celebration park and hike around with the children; it is right on the Snake River...and yes we crossed the bridge. I must say it was quite warm! The girls were so excited and were so exhausted after the hike. We roasted hot dogs and of course marshmallows. I'm proud to report that we didn't have to many injuries...Brianna fell on the asphalt(which she always seems to do)and they both have some slivers...but not to bad. Kolby slept through about everything...had to keep poking him to see if he was OK.

Kelli and Kolby

Kelli LOVES her brother. Every night she has to hold him while I tuck her in and tell her a story. What is amazing (I only say amazing because Kelli is tough love) is that Kolby loves her....he is always smiling at her. Ah....maybe they'll be friends!

Monday, April 7, 2008


Ok...Friday I had my 31st birthday. Shane had taken the children the week before and bought me a bike and an attachment for Kolby to ride in... believe it or not the girls were able to keep it a secret. They surprised me with the gift on Friday morning. I wanted to all go for a bike ride but it was to cold and windy.. We had the big birthday celebration on Sunday over at my parents house. Brianna asked me how old I was and when I told her she told me she would like to be 31... I told her she would be one day....(That puts me at 58 when she is depressing!) All in all it was a great nice to be with the family...I hope I have many more birthdays to celebrate...I'm not one that gets to depressed about age...

Although this is funny... we were watching conference on Saturday and the BYU Students were singing and Shane was arguing with me that he thought it was high school students... then they announced it and proved me right! He felt very old right then!

View at your own risk!!!

Ok...... Thursday Kelli got a prize at school for passing off all of her letters for the week... she chose a bag full of beads. Brianna is horrible about putting anything and everything in her mouth. So Shane and I were sitting on the couch and she starts crying immediately....and tells us that she swallowed her bead. I wanted to ham it up a bit...but didn't' want to scare her too bad..ha ha ha! She opened her mouth and told me to get it out.....(I bet you see where this story is going!) I told her I couldn't and that there was only one way to get it out. (Just a side note....she swallowed her gum on Friday and asked me if it would stick to her bead!) Well on Saturday the big event happened...she came yelling for me to come look, she pooped her bead out. (I know...I can't believe I'm telling crude!) I run in and and started laughing hysterically....the poop was smiling at me.......She swallowed a bead with a smile face on it....really what are the chances! I tell you there is never a dull moment in this house hold!