Monday, December 22, 2008

"The Nightmare Before Christmas"

OK...So after Kelli's birthday party Brianna comes to me and tells me her tummy hurts. Being the good mom that I am I tell her she needs to eat more so I try to give her some food. After that doesn't help I go lay down by her in her bed. The next time I heard Brianna was when she was throwing up. Shane and I went around frantically cleaning and sanitizing in hopes no one else would get sick... 6 hrs later Kelli starts, then Shane, Kolby and finally me. So much for sanitizing....I guess it was a little late for that. The good thing is it looks like it is just a 24hr stomach flu and we have some how managed to get through it; although death seamed merciful at times. Kelli was scared we were going to miss Christmas but it looks like we might live to see it come. Good luck to those that might be getting the "black plague" know that you will survive even if you don't want to at times!


kira said...

What is it with Holidays and vomit? I guess it just wouldn't be Christmas without seeing all that great holiday food with stomach juice. We are, too, on the tail end of the "barfs". ...happy holidays!

BTW your last 5 months make me tired! You deserve Tylenol PM for at least a week!

Up in Bubbles said...

We are also having some of the same. We are crossing our fingers it passes by Christmas. Glad you got through yours. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Gedge Mamma said...

On Christmas day all three of my kids were sick and burning up with a fever. We found out this week that they all had strep. We will probably remember it as the "sick Christmas."